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PRECEDING NOTE: shamlessly stolen and edited from [ profile] the_smaller_one 's artes page.

NOT MUCH OF THIS IS CANON FOR SHASTERE. Since the most exposure Shastere has in any of the games is a sidequest in the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia, and we only get a few ideas of the twins' abilities from the movie, I've decided to compile a list of  possible artes for her to use as sort of an abilities section for her application at [info]Digital Dive.

A few things should be known beforehand: One, while both Shastere and her sister, [ profile] the_smaller_one , specialize in healing and defense artes, their abilities are not inbred, like that of [info]her royal highness Estellise. Instead, they are able to use these abilities by way of Bodhi Blastia.

Instead of aer powering the blastia, like they do (or did) in their home world of Terca Lumireis, both Hisuka and Shastere will learn how to use Digisoul to make their own bodhi blastia work in much of the same
fashion they did in their world, so yes, they will be able to use their healing/defense artes in the Digital World.

Another thing of note is that while the girls' biggest abilities lie in healing and defense, they're certainly no pushovers when it comes to hand to hand combat; as members of the Knights, both girls have been trained in swordsmanship, and are fairly good with a sword, though they're not quite as good as, say, [info]Yuri Lowell or [ profile] wknigofvesperia.

That said, here is a list of the artes that Shastere can perform, with links to their pages on the Aselia Wiki so that you can get a better idea of how they're performed. The kinds of artes she knows are a mix of Flynn, Yuri and Estelle's arte sets from the XBOX360 version of Tales of Vesperia, with a few other sword artes mixed in from other titles and healing artes courtesy of Estelle.

Base Artes
Arcane Artes

Magic Artes

Advanced Magic Artes

Mystic Artes
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Name and personal journal: JeniOctavia | [personal profile] jenioctavia


Player’s age: 28

Character/ series: Shastere Aiheap | Tales of Vesperia: First Strike

Character type: At least secondary in the movie, non-existent in the 360 game, and utterly minor in the PS3 port.

Tamer Class: Soul

Character appearance-


Character age: 24

Digimon partner(s)/Spirit/Evolution Line:

D-Comm colours/symbol: Red, Gold, Silver; Imperial Knights Insignia as her symbol.

Character history-

[NOTE] Stolen from sissy. Again.Since the Aiheap twins are only in the Movie, The First Strike, and one sidequest in the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia, a lot of headcanon was involved in the making of their pre-movie history, and in filling in the gaps left between the movie and the start of the game, and then throughout the game and whatnot. So yeah, just a warning. Much headcanon abound, and anything mentioned here that involves any of the other characters already played in digital dive have been cleared with the players of those characters beforehand. :)


Shastere Ahieap, along with her twin sister Hisuka, were born in the beautiful spring time of the tree-barrier town, Halure. Though the town was a peaceful place, often removed from the goings-on of the capital, once a year around their birthday the barrier would weaken due to the growth of the flower buds on the tree. The people of Halure would risk their lives to defend their beloved town from the monsters rather than give up and move to a more stable location, and the girls grew up watching this event every year while they were forced to hide with the other children. Sometimes everyone would come back, a little beat up and worse for wear. Other times, people they had known all their lives would never be seen again. Though Shastere felt her heart ache as she grew up and came to understand what was happening, she knew she couldn’t do much about it.

It was her sister, however, that prompted her in to action one day when they were ten years old by deciding to not run and hide anymore.

Character personality-

Digimon personality-

Character abilities-

As an Imperial Knight, Shastere has been well-trained and practiced in the art of hand-to-hand combat. Though she is primarily a sword-user, she may have been trained a little bit in a variety of weapons, including the bow and arrow and perhaps even blastia-operated firearms. As a result of being a swordswoman, she's able to use various sword artes. She and her sister are also different in the fact that they are able to use healing and defense artes, making the two of them an extremely valuable addition to any team.

Here is a list of her sword and healing/defense/light arts that she will have access to in-game.

It should be noted that while Shastere is strong on her own, a lot of her power comes from use of a bodhi blastia. In her own world, blastias have been rendered virtually useless in order to defeat the adephagos, but she will still have her bodhi blastia on her when she arrives in the digital world, and will eventually learn how to use it again by using digisoul as a substitute for aer. So she'll be a bit awkward with her artes at first, but eventually she'll be able to get up to that limit of an adult level digimon by way of using digisoul with the blastia she has.

Sample RP-

Sample journal entry-


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